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Everything liek falsh

2007-07-18 01:36:18 by orochimaru556

Hello Clocks, Locks, Flash artists, noobs, anyone who is stupid enough to read this...

I will detail the stuffs I am working on here now.

I am currently wrapped up in about 3 or so postponed flashes..one is Phoenix Wright, one is Naruto..

By Clock Day I will have out my clockday flash "Counter Clock" And hopefully the sequel "Counter Clock 2: (working title) payday"

Other working titles: "Counter Clock episode 3 (and up)"

Counter Clock Episode 4: I'll UMP you.

CC Episode 5: 'Da FUCK!!??

CC E 6: We make flash (nades).

CC E 7: Bad Day Camping. (or skillz not on)


Look out for Clock Crew's "SuperFast Collab" Coming to newgrounds soon, it will have the pilot episode of Counter Clock!!


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2007-07-19 22:51:31

Sounds cool, hope the series kicks ass in the portal! Good luck on your work/s in progress!


2007-07-28 14:16:32

orochimaru556!!!! :D :D :D userpage raid kthxbai!


2007-07-30 20:04:43

Don't get mad with Coal :(

orochimaru556 responds:

Im not..


2007-07-31 12:03:06

hmm...oh yeah, i want the name of our naruto flash to be "akatsuki retardnessnes"

can't wait for that X)


2007-08-30 21:04:30

NO! i want the name too be day's in the akatsuki :3


2007-08-31 01:34:49

fuck you


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