Entry #2

I died

2007-11-02 22:24:00 by orochimaru556

I died, on newgrounds...

but im going to come back to life sometime these coming months.

Im coming up with new flash, and continuations of my unfinished series'

you can expect new Madness accretion, less crap, more frame by frame..

also S.C.B. 2, the interactive military story of a nation torn by war and deceit.

MUCH to do with counter strike including Madness Strike, Counter Clock, and more..

OH, and the loveable That Guy from the BBS art board will make an appearance

i will frequent the hecktic BBS more..and let my friends know im still around...

(sry guys)

But for now, counter strike, CSS, 3D modeling, CAL and gaming has devoured my life..

and recently my motherboard fried on my gaming computer, so im taking the time to let you guys know, Strawberry clock is the king of the portal (lol), im CAL-O, and im bored, so if any of you premeire headshotters want to play me or my clan(s) on CSS, add Cipher556 to friends on steam..

CYA for now..


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2007-11-03 01:14:11

you should imporve the quality in your drawings if you are making a series.

orochimaru556 responds:

Exactly, im not coming back with crap...

im probably just going to buy a tablet..


2007-11-10 19:41:13

lil asss whats your steam id


2007-11-20 17:46:51

I love your madness stupidity


2007-12-21 15:23:07

So your telling me your going to come here, and yell at everyone at how good naruto is, and then put on shitty art? FUCK


2008-06-29 12:45:21



2008-09-16 15:35:18

Seriously, just go away, no one likes your shitty art and nayruto fagottry.


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2011-12-18 16:30:48

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